Social Impact Organizations

A Profile of Organizations in the Social Impact Sector

Social impact organizations are builders of human and cultural capital, pillars in communities, and protectors of air, land, and water. Below is data that takes a closer look at these organizations.

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What are the major categories of social impact organizations?

There are 26 categories of charitable nonprofit organizations according to the National Center on Charitable Statistics (see appendix at the bottom of this page).

What types of social impact organizations have the greatest financial assets?

Nonprofit Assets in Illinois: $121,528,944,780

What is the financial contribution of Illinois social impact organizations?

Illinois social impact organizations play an economic role in Illinois. One indication of our sector’s impact is the amount of payroll taxes paid by the institutions. The average health sector organization, for example, pays over $931,000 in payroll taxes.

Social Impact Sector Payroll Taxes Paid in Illinois: $1,521,034,754
Type of NonprofitAverage Payroll Taxes
Total Average Payroll Tax$108,847
Arts, Culture, and Humanities$15,758
Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy$45,618
Community Improvement, Capacity Building$19,845
Crime, Legal Related$25,898
Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines$54,772
Employment, Job Related$74,340
Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification$20,869
Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition$22,314
Housing, Shelter$30,198
Human Services - Multipurpose and Other$100,306
International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security$11,562
Medical Research$31,747
Mental Health, Crisis Intervention$107,321
Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other$16,034
Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations$17,051
Public Safety$14,532
Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other$166,796
Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics$3,684
Religion Related, Spiritual Development$10,703
Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services$187,094
Social Science Research Institutes, Services$131,818
Youth Development$18,858

Source: National Center on Charitable Statistics, 2010 Core files based on IRS Form 990 Return Transaction Files

What is the statewide presence of social impact organizations?

The social impact sector has substantial representation across the state. Illinois is home to 32 counties where 501(c)(3) social impact organizations have assets exceeding $100 million.
Map of Illinois depicting counties with nonprofit assets exceeding $100 million

Financial indicators of Illinois’ social impact sector

Appendix: Major Categories of Illinois Charitable Nonprofits

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 No.Total revenueNet assets or
fund balances at
end of year
Payroll taxes
Arts, Culture, and Humanities1,489$943,378,960$3,498,309,504$23,463,059
Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy87$122,824,063$75,844,533$3,968,753
Community Improvement, Capacity Building732$974,131,404$2,244,150,804$14,526,591
Crime, Legal Related240$209,377,828$308,666,068$6,215,633
Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines423$1,049,640,899$1,808,361,217$23,168,351
Employment, Job Related191$438,831,811$425,723,536$14,198,936
Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification199$146,851,821$742,492,432$4,152,936
Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition163$1,474,525,267$296,640,936$3,637,224
Housing, Shelter610$779,244,006$2,647,137,437$18,420,823
Human Services - Multipurpose and Other1,763$5,563,321,989$9,924,266,529$176,839,050
International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security268$527,315,596$802,316,883$3,098,724
Medical Research140$297,862,362$555,567,273$4,444,598
Mental Health, Crisis Intervention340$831,150,050$744,351,761$36,489,063
Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other48$215,544,829$824,019,235$769,625
Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations630$933,459,388$5,949,247,673$10,742,333
Public Safety85$46,864,156$51,788,708$1,235,262
Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other134$1,135,936,034$1,326,076,081$22,350,681
Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics1,234$595,531,931$672,029,321$4,546,323
Religion Related, Spiritual Development926$777,563,630$3,620,613,275$9,910,726
Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services71$557,703,067$218,180,102$13,283,654
Social Science Research Institutes, Services26$241,500,091$161,778,085$3,427,267
Youth Development338$199,364,941$360,647,781$6,373,907

Source: National Center on Charitable Statistics, 2010 Core files based on IRS Form 990 Return Transaction Files